Link to Part 1 (pdf)

Last night I succeeded in uploading the pdf of my edited version of Janet’s Part I of The Pine Knoll Story.  I created a link to it so reader will be able to view that 198-page text.

This morning I edited the link so that it will now open in a NEW Tab (or fresh window).  This is important, so that readers can keep it open (on their computer screen, in browser window) without losing sight of this website, where accompanying Plates, Charts, and other illustrations will (eventually) be available.

Progress!   I’m delighted to reach this milestone. (I’ll be traveling the next 3 weeks, so this was a good time to complete this step.)


Granddaughter of William Stanley Nichols, who grew up at Pine Knoll. He was the youngest son of my great-grandfather Andrew Nichols. As a young girl I often visited Pine Knoll, which was in easy walking distance from our house. At Pine Knoll I played with kittens, learned to knit from cousin Marion, took piano lessons from Cousin Annie, and attended many family gatherings. Great Aunts May and Margaret lived there still.

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