Diary Authors quoted in The Pine Knoll Story

  • Andrew Nichols (1836-1921)     AN
  • His mother Mary Holyoke Ward Nichols (1800-1880)   MHWN
  • His grandmother Susanna Holyoke Ward     SHW
  • His daughter “May” = Mary Eliot Nichols (1869-1966)     MEN
  • His sister Mary Ward Nichols (1842-1923)     MWN
  • The sister of his beloved Lizzie: Mary Ellen Stanley, called “Nell” or “Nellie” (or in later years, “Aunt Lala”)     NELL
Old family diaries in box from Janet Derouin

For more images of the diaries, see this online gallery on SmugMug:

As I edit Janet’s book, I will use the name-based codes above (e.g., AN, MHWN, MEN) to indicate the authors of diary quotes. Janet had used numbers for some diarists (e.g., 1. for M.H.W.N., 2. for Mary Ward Nichols). I think that codes based on their names may make it easier for readers to follow each “voice” as this story unfolds.  The diary codes begin in Part II.

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