Sandy Nichols Ward has created this website (July 2018-) in order to share “The Pine Knoll Story” which was researched and written by Janet Nichols Derouin years ago.

Sandy and Janet are first cousins – granddaughters of William Stanley Nichols, who was born and raised at Pine Knoll.  We both lived near Pine Knoll for many years, and have fond memories of the place and the people. We participated in many family gatherings there in the mid-20th century, especially the 4th of July picnics, and during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We did not, however, know much about the origin of Pine Knoll, nor had we ever known our great-grandparents Andrew and Lizzie, who had died in the 1920’s, long before we were born.

There are MANY stories that could be told about Pine Knoll.  The focus of this website will be to share the early history, the people who came BEFORE us.  Janet spent many years reading old letters and diaries and compiling a book. Sandy is now editing that work, and beginning to post parts here, to share Janet’s work.

Pine Knoll remained in the family until 1975 when fire destroyed the entire house.  It was located at 98 Preston Street, Hathorne (Danvers), Massachusetts, at the corner of Newberry Street (now Route 1).  A large condominium complex now covers the area. No evidence of the Pine Knoll house, barn, or garage remains; even the knoll has been leveled. Family graves in the nearby Preston Street cemetery persist, with monuments bearing the names of Andrew Nichols, his family, and many relatives.

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