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Today I am happy to announce that this Pine Knoll Story website is ready to launch.  Janet had seen the initial version in July, but I’d asked her not to share it then, as it lacked the PLATES and CHARTS that should accompany Part 1 of her text.

I finally found, last week, a convenient way to post and display the Plates, Charts, and other illustrations that Janet had prepared to this project. She wanted the book to be well illustrated.  To prepare and post her illustrations in a way that could conveniently be viewed online has been a challenging puzzle for me. I’ve tried to learn new software solutions; I’ve watching training videos, and experimented with some options. Perhaps there are still better solutions, but I decided to use a tool well known to me:  my own account on  I’ve been sharing family and vacation photos there for over a decade.

I created a new folder on SmugMug called “Pine Knoll.”  Within that, I created a folder for “The Pine Knoll Story” containing galleries for each type of illustration for Janet’s book: CHARTS; PLATES; etc.   See

I also created, at the top level of the “Pine Knoll” folder, several galleries for 2oth century photos of Pine Knoll (e.g., for photos I’ve saved from my father and many that I’ve copied and saved from Dave Brewster’s helpful project of digitizing old Brewster family photos).  These have nothing to do with Janet’s book project, but everything to do with evoking wonderful memories of Pine Knoll as experienced in the 20th century by descendants of Andrew and Lizzie.


I am a granddaughter of William Stanley Nichols, and great-granddaughter of Andrew Nichols. I grew up in Danvers, Mass., in the 1940's and 1950's and often visited Pine Knoll, an easy walk from our house. At Pine Knoll I played with kittens, learned to knit from cousin Marion, took piano lessons from cousin Annie, and visited with great aunts May and Margaret.

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