Improvements and Setbacks

Janet Derouin reviewed the ready-to-launch website and sent me an improved introduction for the Home page, which I very much appreciated. Stuart Brewster provided some additional images for this project. I happily included these enhancements and prepared to announce this website to family and others with interest in the Pine Knoll story.

On Friday December 21, I emailed “Season’s Greetings” notices to many, many people, inviting them to explore the new website and the accompanying photo galleries. At last, I had met my goal of sharing this project with far-flung family.

Unfortunately, computer problems arose December 22 –– preventing anyone from viewing this website. The remote server my husband and I rely on for email and website hosting seemed to stop working. No one could send us email, nor could we send email. Janet tried to email me and reported that my email address didn’t exist. Frustrating! We contacted technical support, but in this holiday period, there were delays, of course. Email service was restored after about two days, but access to certain websites, especially our WordPress ones, proved more difficult to restore.

By telephone I reached many relatives and let them know of the problem. The next day I emailed that all was fixed. But it wasn’t. My Pine Knoll website, in particular, was inaccessible, or at times v-e-r-y s-l-o-w to load. Then it would fail again. Technical support notified us late yesterday (Dec. 28) that some “plugins” on this site were causing conflicts and had to be disabled or removed. Oops. That removal altered some of the design. This morning I attempted to patch things up. I’m still learning about Word Press. (A new version of Word Press automatically installed this month now gives me new options. I will cease using Elementor for editing pages because its plugin was causing problems.)


I am a granddaughter of William Stanley Nichols, and great-granddaughter of Andrew Nichols. I grew up in Danvers, Mass., in the 1940's and 1950's and often visited Pine Knoll, an easy walk from our house. At Pine Knoll I played with kittens, learned to knit from cousin Marion, took piano lessons from cousin Annie, and visited with great aunts May and Margaret.

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