Editing Part II

Today, at last, I finished my editing of Part II of Janet’s book draft. This has been a l-o-n-g project, interrupted for 6 months by our adoption of a puppy in January 2019. I wasn’t able to find time to resume any editing until July 24.

I am now eager to upload the pdf of Part II to this website. I had hoped to do so this morning, but I encountered an obstacle. WordPress has a limit of 2 MB. My file today is 2.4 MB. It is a pdf made from a Word document that is text-only, no photos, but it does contain 420 pages of words. TOO big!

Janet’s original was even longer, running from page 199 to 683, for a total of 484 pages. I had worked hard to shorten it, removing (into separate documents) long digressions unrelated to the core story of the Pine Knoll family. I had simplified many footnotes and deleted explanations that now (in the age of easy Google searching) seemed unnecessary.

I will now need to divide this part into two segments. For now, I need to step away from the computer, and deal with other priorities of life.


I am a granddaughter of William Stanley Nichols, and great-granddaughter of Andrew Nichols. I grew up in Danvers, Mass., in the 1940's and 1950's and often visited Pine Knoll, an easy walk from our house. At Pine Knoll I played with kittens, learned to knit from cousin Marion, took piano lessons from cousin Annie, and visited with great aunts May and Margaret.

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