Introducing the family that grew up at Pine Knoll…

This portrait shows Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nichols (seated, center) and the seven children who survived to adulthood.
Left to right: Andrew, Jr., John, Margaret (leaning by father), Mary (standing), Joshua, William, and Nellie.

Father:  Andrew Nichols, born September 17, 1837, in Danvers, Massachusetts

Mother: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Perkins Stanley, born August 6, 1836, in Salem. Married Andrew on September 5, 1861.

Children born at Pine Knoll:

  1. Andrew Nichols, Junior, born June 10, 1862
  2. Elizabeth Hunt Nichols, born May 2, 1864  [died at age 8]
  3. John Holyoke Nichols, born April 9, 1866
  4. Joshua Ward Nichols, born February 26, 1868
  5. Mary Eliot Nichols, born November 30, 1869
  6. William Stanley Nichols, born May 4, 1872
  7. Nellie Chapman Nichols, born August 6, 1874
  8. Margaret Appleton Nichols, born August 29, 1878

To view a genealogical chart of this family, with data about marriages and death dates, click here for Chart N 4.

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