Part II available

Part II of The Pine Knoll Story is now accessible via this website. It has been uploaded in two segments: Pages 199-348 (covering 1861 to through 1870) and pages 349-619 (covering 1871 to 1880). I had to divide it into smaller files to comply with the upload restrictions on this WP site.

You’ll find the links to these pdfs under tab for Janet’s book.


I am a granddaughter of William Stanley Nichols, and great-granddaughter of Andrew Nichols. I grew up in Danvers, Mass., in the 1940's and 1950's and often visited Pine Knoll, an easy walk from our house. At Pine Knoll I played with kittens, learned to knit from cousin Marion, took piano lessons from cousin Annie, and visited with great aunts May and Margaret.

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